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SeeMail comes in two flavors.

SeeMail Pro

About SeeMail

SeeMail gives you the chance to read your POP3 email while it stays on the server, from anywhere in the world. You can check if there are any large emails in your mailbox and delete them before you download, read, save or print the important ones in your regular email client, or use SeeMail just to read, to save or to print your mails when you are on the road. It does not matter how many mails you have in your mailbox, you can always read the last one without having to download all those in front of it.

SeeMail gives you IMAP-like functionality on a POP3 mail server.

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Registration info

SeeMail is shareware and costs US$ 29.00

To register SeeMail point your browser at program nr. 131450
or let this link take you directly there

Register SeeMail here
Register SeeMail here

Registering will give you:
  • Unlimited use.
  • Multiple accounts.
  • priority support
After we received confirmation from shareit that you have registered we will send you your version of SeeMail Pro.

If you need support or have questions or remarks then you can use the link on the left side to mail us, or you can contact through our support page

SeeMail Lite

If you want to test SeeMail Pro before paying for it, you are welcome to download SeeMail Lite. This has all the features SeeMail Pro has except multiple accounts.


The File Transit

5 stars on The File Transit


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What a wonderful, time-saving, where-have-you-been application bound to prove invaluable to anyone who received unwanted email. How many times do we wait for long lists of email to download - 70% of which receives an immediate delete?
How many times does a large attachment hold up downloads of email? Well now you can see what mail you've got while it's still on the server, delete or skip when downloading. This is a most useful email control application.

Rated 4

SeeMail Lite lets you take a peek at all your messages' headers and delete them before downloading the whole message. It's so easy to use and this can not be stressed hard enough. If you have important messages you can read them as well. Overall, an excellent piece of software perfect for people with large email accounts and who want to reduce its size quickly.

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