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Ping Scanner

Features Ping Scanner

Ping scanner has 8 major funtions.
IP Scan Scans the same IP for n times.
IP MultiScan Scans a range of IP numbers.
Traceroute A trace of the IP Addresses your ping passes on the way to its destination.
MAC Address Gives you the MAC Addresses on your subnet.
DNS Lookup Finds the IP number, the name or the MX records of a domain.
Whois Query the whois database of your chois for a given domain.
Subnet Calculator Calculates the broadcast address, the network address, the usable start and end address of any given IP address.
Troughput test See how fast your network or internet connection realy is. Gives you the possible data troughput to a host.

Results can be saved in CSV, ASCII, XLS and DOC format or printed out.

Download evaluation version

If you need more tools checkout Ping Scanner Pro

Registration info

Ping Scanner is shareware and 1 license costs 19 US$

All registrations for Digilex are handled by

If you need to register more then one license you are entitled to the following discounts.

1 user 19 US$ Register here
10 user pack 170 US$ Register here
50 user pack 750 US$ Register here
100 user pack 1000 US$ Register here
Tailored site license   Mail us
Update to pro 15 US$ Update here

Be sure to use the same update email address that you used to register Ping Scanner. If we do not find your email in our database, we will not proccess the update.

Registering will give you:
  • Unlimited use
  • Remove "unregistered version" text
  • priority support

After we received confirmation from share-it that you have registered we will send you your registered version.

If you need support or have questions or remarks then you can use the link on the left side to mail us, or you can contact through our support page

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