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Ping War 2.0

About Ping War

Ping a range of IP numbers to find out what numbers are in use, or what numbers answer within the set time. Use it to find out what parts of your network are slower then others and maybe you even need to take a closer look at them.
Adjustable time out, bytes to send, start and end node. The results of the sweep are saved as comma seperated file for easy database import.

Registration info

Ping War is shareware and costs US$ 15.00

To register Ping War point your browser at program nr. 103947
or let this link take you directly there

Register Ping War here

Register Ping War here

Registering will give you:
  • Unlimited use
  • Ping more then 10 numbers at a time
  • Remove 10 numbers limit warning
  • Remove "unregistered version" text
  • priority support
After we received confirmation from shareit that you have registered we will send you your registered version.

If you need support or have questions or remarks then you can use the link on the left side to mail us, or you can contact through our support page

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