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Ping War
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Ping a range of IP numbers to find out what numbers are in use, or what numbers answer within the set time. Use it to find out what parts of your network are slower then others and maybe you even need to take a closer look at them.
Adjustable time out, bytes to send, start and end node. The results of the sweep are saved as comma seperated file for easy database import.

Ping Scanner
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Ping scanner has 6 major funtions to test your network.

Ping Scanner Pro
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With its 18 tools Ping scanner Pro is the ultimate network troubleshooting tool.

Button War
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Where there is work, there has to be play. That's where Button war comes in. Button War is a strategy game in which you play against a friend or your computer to score the most points by clicking on squares. If you get two diagonally adjoining squares, you get two points for each touching corner. For each flat side, you get four points. You can set the skill level of your computer opponent and choose board layout options to increase the difficulty of scoring. Button War is an easy to play, yet complicated, shareware game.

In version 2 the artificial intelligence engine is completely rewritten and there are more levels added.

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